Diversity in Video Report

Today’s consumers are sending you a message: They want to see themselves represented in your brand’s content — and they’re using their purchasing decisions to make sure their voices are heard.


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Brands and companies that achieve the highest diversity scores in their advertising earn an 83% higher preference with consumers, and 59% of consumers have more trust for brands with ads that feature people who look like them. That means it’s now an imperative for your business to produce content that authentically represents the world we live in.

The Diversity in Video Report explains how you can do just that.

We’ve analyzed years of user data across the Storyblocks platform — including more than 250 million content searches and more than 45 million asset downloads worldwide. From this research, we determined how perceptions about diversity are evolving, and where DEI in video stands today.

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 Case studies on how top brands have successfully incorporated diversity into their strategies. 

Fast Facts

64% of audiences said they would like to see more diversity

(Facebook, Consumer Insights Study, 2021)

69% of brands with diverse ads saw an average stock gain of 44%

(Deloitte Digital, The Heat™ Test, 2019)