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Best Practices For Digital Literacy In Higher Education

Get the facts.

As higher education’s embrace of digital media marches forward, it’s important we not lose sight of the research in which it is grounded. Digital literacy is not to be confused with the adoption of technology for the sake of technology or the veneer of campus aesthetics.

The idea of media fluency isn’t manufactured from a desire to force multimedia into the classroom—but grounded in the realization that multimedia is often everywhere except for the classroom. Digital literacy is not about gambling on the pedagogy of tomorrow; it’s about investing in the global needs of today.

Students and educators both need the resources by which to engage these mediums. Here at VideoBlocks EDU we recognize this need and have put together an eBook that highlights the seven skills and abilities required of 21st century learners.

Download Digital Literacy On-Demand: Visualizing Best Practices in Higher Education, to learn the best practices for multimodal learning and digital media in the classrooms.